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Muslim musician escorted off flight to Washington by FBI agents and sent back to Britain.

i drop off the side of the planet for a few days to finish an essay on islamophobia in the eu and emerge from the ether to find this.

what is the world coming to?
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I saw that too, as I walked past the cafe on Bolten Street (I always read the headlines on the way past just out of curiosity). What's up with that!?

How is essay anyway?
essays are okay. on the third one now. all due monday. need to finish third today.

how is your application going?

i am loving all the construction on campus that they suddenly tried to do in the midst of end-of-year craziness. great timing.
I know, psycho lecturer was ranting about how she's going to run power tools outside the chancellor's office yesterday!

Almost done with the FIRST DRAFT of my writing sample, and it actually no longer makes any sense to me (or Maggie my trusty proof-reader, must send her some flowers to say thank-you). Have written most of the actual application too, just have to finish my novel outline and "professional cv" (whatever that means, I still don't know). Just applying seems like far too much work, and it's due in the same day as my last (ever) exam.

Good luck for essays, I am on a writing frenzy at the moment too but not nearly as important as yours :)

Interesting thing, to reread books AFTER you've got the knack of reading between the lines. I have reread the Vintner's Luck and I read it in a completely different way!

We must get together after all the chaos is over