in the end it comes to this (deuxmoulins) wrote,
in the end it comes to this

oh, i'm done.

and it feels kind of empty and strange. as the dulled ache of exhaustion leaves my body, it takes with it the nervous energy that had kept me alive for a crazy ten near-sleepless days. i don't seem to have a place to be anymore and while i am content, i am not pleased... certainly not in the way i thought i'd be.

i miss the compulsory confinement with classmates, how much we looked after each other and cared when it all seemed so desolate.

i should have written this a few days ago. then, you'd have heard about how the excitement had taken over, how i felt alive again, how i longed to run through the hilltops above&behind our house with bottles of alcohol and like-minded free-spirits and watch the sun set&rise because too much time was wasted each 24 hours and i had decided to embrace every one like it was my last.
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